Age Spot Removal St. Louis MO

What is laser age spot removal?

There are all sorts of pigmented age spots.  The more superficial ones can be treated topically with creams, deep ones require specialized lasers to target the pigment and or aged tissue. 

Is the procedure painful?

There is a light pinch from the lasers.  Topical treatments don’t hurt*.

What risks are there?

Risks are rare but possible.  Talk to us about any concerns you may have.  The more aggressive treatments used for more serious lesions will require more down time, anywhere from 0-7 days*. 

What is the recovery like?

For topical treatments there is no down time.  For most laser you will experience either a worsening in the darkness of the lesion while it is being destroyed or redness that can last several weeks*. 

How long do the effects of age spot removal last?

Deep melasma is difficult to treat with lasers and requires a complete absence of sun exposure and hormone use.  Most other age spots readily treated*. 

*=Results May Vary