What to Expect at A Plastic Surgeon’s Office

When you step into the office of Dr. Judith Gurley, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon you should feel as though you are in a luxurious clean environment with a comfortable soothing spa feel. Our treatments range from minimally or noninvasive skin Plastic surgeon st louis | chesterfield motreatments to injections and surgically altering, improving or reconstructing body parts. 

Some of the spa services we offer include:

    • Exfoliation– Physically or chemically refreshing the surface layers of the skin.
    • Extractions – Deep cleansing and emptying of congestion in the pores and black heads.
    • Laser– Our state of the art lasers treat pigmentation and broken capillaries, hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
    • Peels– Chemically stimulating the top layers of skin with deep penetration of products.
    • Mineral makeup – Makeup shouldn’t just “sit” on your skin, it certainly shouldn’t cause harm, and instead it should be doing something good for you! Mineral makeup is antibacterial and soothing. It protects you from sunlight and harsh environmental pollutants, while smoothing, balancing and finishing your skin.

Dr. Judith Gurley is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who will listen and understand your goals and then help you arrive at a solution right for you.

Facial Procedures

Fat Injections

Fat injections are the “ideal” filler. Your own body fat is purified and injected into areas of hollowing or shadows.

Eyelid Lift 

The goal of an eyelid lift procedure is to remove the extra skin and fat located on your upper and lower eyelids. It is an ideal procedure for someone who has a lot of sagging, wrinkled skin. The procedure helps your eyes look well-rested. Keep in mind that it does take several weeks to recover and this procedure is often combined with laser.


Facelifts are performed for those who are bothered by excess, hanging skin on the face or neck. Skin can be repositioned on the cheeks and jaw line to remove signs of aging.

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is a plastic surgery procedure intended to make your ears less prominent, and is perfect for someone concerned about the size, shape or protrusion of his or her ears. Once your ears heal, after 2-3 weeks, they will be closer to your head and not stick out as much.

We Know Every Body Type is Different

At our practice, we know every body type is different. For this reason plastic surgery for face, breasts and body is tailored for your particular needs. Dr. Gurley, Board Certified in plastic surgery, has the training, experience and skill to evaluate your structure and desire to safely contour your body.

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