Fat Grafting and Fat Injections St. Louis MO

What is fat grafting and fat injections?

Harvesting/collecting fat from your unwanted areas provides the source of fat that we use to purify and reinject into you.

How are the procedures performed?

We take fat from areas that you and Dr. Gurley agree upon, and using numbing medicine and small cannulas fat can be harvested while you are in the office or if you prefer you may wish to have anesthesia so that the procedure can be painless. 

What risks are there?

Meticulous sterile and surgical expertise is required in order to minimize risks such as contour deformity, fat loss and other irregularities. 

Why are fat grafting and fat injections better than the alternatives?

Grafted fat will last and age with you.  Many fillers are temporary and will leave behind some scar tissue as in under the eye area.  Some areas are better suited for fat like under eye and many patients prefer the look and feel of fat*. 

What is the recovery process like?

Swelling and bruising should be expected after anytime injections are preformed and last up to 4-7 days*. 

*= Results May Vary