Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer

The award-winniPlastic Surgery St Louis | Living Like A Ladyng book, Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer was written to provide women helpful insights as they battle through cancer.  At the book’s core is the idea that women need practical tips & resources to manage and to gracefully live through the various side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  To effectively craft the book, an enormous amount of input was required from patients, doctors, care providers, and therapists.

Dr. Judith Gurley, a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in St. Louis, Missouri, has an acute understanding of reconstructive breast surgery and played a critical role in providing input for Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer.

As a lady to the core herself, Dr. Gurley offered medical insights as well as strategies that many women need as they navigate their journey with cancer.

The role Dr. Gurley played

Dr. Gurley was a core contributor to Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer.  She spent hours being interviewed regarding breast cancer and breast reconstruction, always highlighting issues she has found to be profound and critical for her patients.  As the book unfolded, Dr. Gurley reviewed content, offered insights, and ensured that the book not only addressed the needs women facing cancer but was medically-sound as well.   The book was named a finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards (in the Health: Cancer category) in large part because of the pairing of relevant medical information with the real-life issues women face as they deal with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Donna Heckler’s perspective

“It is hard to imagine cancer providing any ‘gifts’ to a patient however, in my case it did, says author Donna Heckler.  “Dr. Gurley started out as my plastic surgeon as I battled stage three cancer.  She ended up being a collaborator in the development of my book and, importantly, a friend.  Her kind and gracious spirit encouraged me as I struggled with cancer.  The development of Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer shares some of her knowledge, insights, and spirit.  The book encourages women to live and live radiantly, despite their cancer – just as Dr. Gurley encouraged me to do.”

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