• Visual
    Procedural recommendations are based upon Dr. Gurley’s observations of your proportion and body type during examinations, as well as your preferences. Because of her background in figure drawing and sculpting, she individualizes her approach by sketching body outlines during the consultation. This allows her to clearly illustrate and discuss surgical options with you.
  • Teaching
    Dr. Gurley and her staff feel that the more you understand the details about your procedure, the better your experience will be overall. Pre-operative teaching with regard to downtime, scars, pain and other concerns will be addressed.
  • Benefits
    The benefits of reconstructive, cosmetic or plastic surgery can be numerous. Whether a person chooses to undergo plastic surgery to improve his or her lifestyle or to improve body image, there will always be emotional benefits. Many people may find they will become more confident when they become comfortable in their own body. The physical benefits of plastic surgery may be diverse. From the start, one of Dr. Gurley’s main objectives is to help guide the body into a more proportionate, balanced look. No matter what the procedure, Dr. Gurley aims for results that can allow you to look and feel more like your natural self.
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    It is important to adhere to basic rules of health. Dr. Gurley emphasizes the significance of regular exercise, not smoking and minimizing sun exposure. You may be amazed at what a bit of daily exercise and skin care can do to enhance your own natural beauty.
  • Downtime
    Dr. Gurley attempts to speed the recovery process with her plastic surgery techniques, including smaller incisions and medications to minimize bruising and swelling.
  • Pain
    Dr. Gurley will always make sure that you are as comfortable as possible following surgery or any other procedure you may choose.
  • Costs
    Dr. Gurley only offers options that would be of great benefit to you. Since costs vary based on procedure, Dr. Gurley’s staff is happy to discuss them in detail.