Body Lift

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Who is the ideal candidate for a Body Lift?

For patients who have lost weight, had babies, or who have stretched out skin, hanging skin, a pocket of fat in the lower abdomen, or stretch marks, a body lift may be the best way to reverse these changes.  Stretched and separated abdominal muscles can be repaired to strengthen body core.

What can patients expect?

Patients can expect less loose skin, a more shapely waistline, flatter tummy with better skin quality, and a more flattering proportionate figure.

What is a Body Lift?

The procedure is similar to a tummy tuck with an extended incision. An incision along the lower abdomen allows access for muscle tightening, removal of excess skin and liposuction if needed.  An extension of the incision around the sides and on the back side allows for lifting of the buttocks.

What is the recovery process?

The recovery process (return to work) is 1-3 weeks depending on the extent of the procedure.  However, vigorous activities and exercise are not recommended for 6 weeks to 6 months. Drains are removed in 1-2 weeks and a garment is recommended for 4-6 weeks.

Body Lift alternatives

Liposuction alone will decrease bulk but if there are stretch marks, the skin may not tighten and could wrinkle or hang more.

Are there any risks involved with a Body Lift?

 Blood clots, delayed healing, or loss of tissue is more common in obese patients or patients who smoke, but may occur unexpectedly in a non-smoker.  Thickening of the scar, asymmetry or fluid collections may also occur.  The body lift may flatten the buttocks.

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