Breast Implant Removal

With and Without Replacement

Purpose –Removal and replacement is designed to change the size, type, or position of your implant.  Softening the breast and eliminating discomfort may also be possible.  Sometimes implant removal allows the plastic surgeon to better rejuvenate the breast.

Expected Outcomes – To have breasts that are a comfortable size, soft, moveable and pain free.

When to consider breast implant revision surgery –

  • Ruptures
  • Wrong size – too big or too small
  • Wrong position – too high, too low, or too far apart
  • Hardening of one or both breasts
  • Change in the breast with time due to:  breastfeeding, weight gain, age, and sagging.

How Procedure is Performed – In the operating room, where it is safe, painless, and comfortable.  Surgeon is able to do what is needed to fix what bothers you.

Alternatives – Remove implants, and not replace, or do not have surgery and use bras to position implants and relieve pain.

Recovery – This is outpatient surgery.  Patients are instructed not to engage in running, jogging, or repetitive upper body activities for 4-6 weeks after surgery.  Sometimes drains are necessary for a few days after surgery.

Risks – As with any surgery, largely risks are due to anesthesia and implants.

Board-certified Dr. Judith Gurley will help you decide if implant revision surgery is needed and right for you.   She will explain the available options, as well as the risks associated with any procedure.

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