Face/ Neck Lift

  • Purpose – This procedure is recommended to reposition, tighten and lift the soft tissues of the face and/or neck.  It is best for those with loose or hanging skin, deep folds or wrinkles.
  • Expected Outcomes – A facelift will produce a more youthful facial appearance, without the stigma of an “operated on” look. Tighter facial skin, smoother jowl-line, cleaner distinction between chin and neck are accomplished with scars placed strategically for camouflage.
  • How Procedure is Performed – Incisions are placed within the hairline or along natural creases in order to reposition or remove excess skin or fat for a more youthful appearance.  Drains are placed for 24-48 hours and an overnight stay at the operating facility is recommended.
  • Alternatives – Some laser treatments may superficially tighten skin and remove fine wrinkles. The “thread lift” or short scar facelift has not been a proven long-term solution for facial aging.
  • Recovery – Facial surgery is usually not uncomfortable.  There may be bruising and swelling which peaks 72 hours after surgery and gradually disappears over the next several weeks.  Most patients return to work by 1-3 weeks.  Facial sutures are removed 5-6 days after surgery.
  • Risks – Although not expected, there may be loss