Fat Injections

What are fat injections?

Fat injections are sometimes referred to as “liquid gold,” due to the longevity of results from this treatment. The cost of fat injections is higher than dermal fillers. However, there is an additional benefit to this volume-restoring treatment. You see, the fat that is used to fill the cheeks or temples or jaw line is taken from your own body. This means better contours in TWO areas, or even more. While the entire amount of fat that is injected typically does not take, modern techniques allow for natural depletion, and most patients are very happy with their end-results.

Who is a good candidate for fat injections?

The primary consideration for fat injections is having sufficient fat cells to harvest from another area of your body. Cells may be taken from an area as small as the neck or as large as the buttocks or abdomen.

What is the purpose of fat injection?

Fat injections make an area fuller, less hollow or more smooth. It is usually completed on the face.

Fat Injection Results

Patients will notice a rejuvenated, smoother appearance.*

How is the fat injection procedure performed?

Fat is harvested from the belly, prepared and then carefully injected into depressed areas (such as in the cheeks or lips, or beneath the eyes).

What are alternative options to fat injections?

Other options include using soft tissue fillers, some of which are permanent and some are temporary.

Fat Injection Recovery

Fat injections are performed as an outpatient procedure. Swelling and bruising can persist for 1-3 weeks. Makeup can be worn several days after surgery for camouflage.

Common side effects of Fat Injections

Side effects include asymmetry; lumpiness, which is usually made better with massage; or under-correction.

*Individual results may vary

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