Chemical Peels

Allow us to find your ideal peel solution.   Rejuvenate environmentally damaged skin, treat acne and improve oily skin and/or correct brown spots and signs of aging.

  • Cell Renewal Peel – This gentle but effective peel increases cell renewal, refines the epidermis, clarifies and returns the skin’s freshness.   This treatment helps to reduce signs of photo-aging including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections.   Optimal results are seen after a series of 3-6 treatments.
  • Cleansing Peel – This peel is a unique one-step treatment of chemical exfoliation designed to reduce acne, keep problematic skin clear of breakouts, and help correct photo-aging.   This peel will revitalize skin while decongesting pores.   This solution is formulated to refine pores, help reduce the appearance of acne, aid in the improvement of rough texture, blotchiness and improve uneven skin tone. Optimal results are seen after a series of 3-6 treatments.
  • Illuminating Peel – This treatment was developed to fade dark spots, improve skin tone, increase radiance, diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve laxity.   This is a customizable chemical peel, this one-step clinical procedure combines high-performance brightening and anti-inflammatory agents with a powerful exfoliating solution to accelerate cell renewal and diminish hyper-pigmentation.  Optimal results are seen after a series of 4-6 treatments scheduled 2-4 weeks apart.
  • Brightening Peel – This gentle salicylic based peel was developed for all skin types to help improve your skin’s look, texture and feel.   This brightening peel provides instant results and only takes a few minutes to help treat photo damage, improve texture, tone and uneven skin tone, as well as provide skin resurfacing.  This is a true “lunch time” peel!   A series of 4-6 peels is recommended to provide the best overall results.
  • Renew Peel – This peel is specifically formulated with time release acids to give you a safe and very effective skin resurfacing. Ideal for melasma, acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkle reduction. Suitable for every skin tone and type. Peeling typically lasts for 3-5 days.

Things to Know Before Getting a Peel
Patients should discontinue any salicylic, retinoic acid or exfoliating products 3 days prior to your treatment.  It is very important to wear a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen following your treatment.  Do not wax any facial hair 48 hours prior or after your treatment.  Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may have minor peeling or redness following your peel.

Our professional esthetician will help determine the best peel for your skin. Call us today for an appointment 636.812.4300 or e-mail