Wrinkle Elimination St. Louis MO

What is laser wrinkle elimination?

A fractionated laser that can target anywhere from shallow to deep layers of skin is the best treatment for most wrinkles.  7-10 days of down time is required*.  A close follow up for several weeks is recommended. 

Is the procedure painful?

We prefer to use our more painful lasers in a setting where anesthesia can be used if desired.  This makes the treatment PAINLESS. 

What risks are there?

Any laser can cause scarring and close post procedure follow up is recommended to prevent this. 

What is recovery like?

Daily or every other day follow up is desired in order to ensure progress is taking place and skin is being properly cleansed and cared for.  After 7 days post procedure make up will hide residual redress that may last several weeks*.

How long do the effects of wrinkle elimination last?

The clock is permanently turned back.  A healthier and more youthful completion can be expected.  As the aging process continues it is recommended that follow up continue to take place and proper daily skin care be followed*. 

*= Results May Vary