Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa requests at least 1 week notice prior to cancelling or rescheduling appointments. Repeated cancelling or rescheduling will result in a non-refundable deposit prior to scheduling future appointments.

Precise Surgical Technique.

During the procedure, we ensure your safety and comfort. Dr. Gurley's board certification means that her work has been analyzed and commended by her peers in the medical community. Her years of experience mean you can rest assured that Dr. Gurley's precise surgical technique and years of experience will leave you content with your results and the process.


It All Starts with a

Our process starts with a conversation. During your consultation, Dr. Gurley will listen to you intently. It is important to her that she understands you. Next, you see first-hand her artistic mind at work as she thoughtfully walks you through the creative possibilities of visual change. Ultimately you will know that Dr. Gurley's well-earned reputation is based on her demonstrable experience and her inherent eye for beauty.

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Attentive After-Care.

Dr. Gurley's care doesn't stop after the procedure is done. First, we'll give you personalized after-care recommendations to ensure you heal quickly. We'll also set up an appointment schedule to check your progress to make sure you are healing well and fully happy with your results.

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