Laser Hair Removal
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“Fall and winter are a good time for laser hair removal because the skin has less pigment from tanning.” says BOARD-CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON DR. JUDITH GURLEY.  “The darker the skin, the less effective the removal.”

No system provides permanent, 100 percent hair removal, Gurley notes.  “However, permanent hair reduction is defintely possible.  Results depend upon your hair and skin color, the laser equipment used, and the technician.  Repeated treatment is neccessary to damage the hair follicle at its growth center when it’s in the active phase”

Look for lasers that perform only hair removal.  “That’s important, because they’ve been specifically designed to do taht task very well,” Gurley explains.  Also look for a laser with a large platform, she adds.  “It treats larger surface areas with every pulse, resulting in quicker, more comfortable treatment.”

Typically, four to seven treatments are necessary for each area. “Stay on your treatment schedule so that hairs are targeted during thier growth phase.” Gurley advises.  “WIth the newest platform, we can treat the underarms in five minutes, the bikini area in 10 minutes and legs in approximately 30 minutes.

Many men have laser treatments to remove hair from their backs and necks, Gurley notes.  “It’s also a good treatment for folliculitis, a skin condition irritated by shaving.

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