6 Must Haves for Great Summer Skin

Don’t forget to change your skincare routine to match the summer heat. We recommend an oil penetrating cleanser that can be paired with an exfoliant, daily Vitamin C, soothing serum, SPF and replenishing mist.



  1. Choose a cleanser with an ingredient that will penetrate the oil buildup for better pore hygiene. During the summer months we spend more time outdoors, sweating, swimming and wearing more sunscreen. So it’s important to use a cleanser that’s up for the job of getting your skin clean. We prefer a cleanser with salicylic to cut through dirt, oil and sweat and to prep your skin allowing your skincare products to work better.
  2. Adding an exfoliant to your cleanser will enhance the cleansing process for a deeper clean. The physical properties of the particles in a manual scrub is important to understand. We recommend using a scrub with smooth, fine particles to gently lift dead skin cells without causing micro-tears to form in your skin. Learn more about exfoliants here. We love Gurley Glow po léau, a water based, extremely versatile scrub that has smooth grains to stimulate the skin’s surface and produce a beautiful glowing complexion.
  3. Antioxidants help shield us from the environment while also having the unique ability to reverse damage. Remember, our skin’s main job is to protect us from the outside world and in doing so, our skin is constantly battling against the free radicals that are produced by chemicals and ultraviolet rays. Free radicals are so detrimental to our skin because they alter DNA in our cells which can lead to thinning of skin (promoting wrinkles and sagging), uneven surface pigment (producing brown spots) and even cause skin cancer. Vitamin C used topically is one of the most potent free radical scavengers or anti-oxidants, that neutralize these damaging molecules and minimize aging and poor skin health. Vitamin C is a must have in any skincare routine.
  4. Although inflammation is a necessary process for proper healing and repair of tissues, too much inflammation causes havoc on your skin. Signs of excess inflammation cause the skin to appear: dry, flaky, bumpy, red and tender. We believe in giving our skin a “break” by treating it with one of the most intense and powerful anti-inflammatory agents, green tea. Green tea comes in soothing topical serums that can be used day or night, post procedure, or after sun exposure. Our po thé not only has green tea, it also has Vitamin E which supports the immune system, cell function and skin health. Be nice to your skin and it will be nice to you.
  5. Invisible SPF permeates our Gurley Glow sunscreen line. We believe that sunscreen should be worn 365 days a year, during summer or winter, rain or shine. We are big fans of broad spectrum physical sunscreens which work by creating a surface barrier to harmful UV A and UV B radiation. In our recent post “Sunscreens with Personalities” we pair your skin type with a sunscreen perfect for you. We also show you how different sunscreens can be worn for different activities.
  6. Replenishing mist with hydrating, nourishing and protective ingredients is an easy on-the-go spray for lasting freshness. It’s like keeping that morning, clean, dewy, tight complexion all day long. Great for hot summer days, but also invaluable in winter. Our po mist is a great finishing step that pairs well with so many other products, powders, sunscreens or makeup.
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