Breast Augmentation chesterfield MOOK, what if you took every person in Romania and gave everyone either an arm lift, some Botox, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck here and there, you get the idea. If you added up all of those cosmetic procedures, surgical and non-surgical, you’d have over 21 million procedures.

That is the number of cosmetic procedures performed worldwide in 2015 so that gives you an idea of just how big the aesthetic industry has become. This comes from statistics compiled by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

And once again, as it has been every year since it was introduced in 2002, botulinum toxin (overwhelmingly Botox) injections were the most popular procedure of all.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the ISAPS statistics.

Over 9.6 million cosmetic surgeries were performed globally in 2015.
The top four surgeries:
1. Breast augmentation (up 10% from 2014)
2. Liposuction (up 2% from 2014)
3. Eyelid surgery (down 11% from 2014)
4. Abdominoplasty (up 11% from 2014)

Top countries for total surgical procedures:
1. United States (15%)
2. Brazil (13%)
3. Mexico (5%)
4. South Korea (5%)
5. India (4%)

12.1 million nonsurgical procedures were performed worldwide in 2015.
The top five nonsurgical procedures:
1. Botulinum toxin
2. Hyaluronic acid
3. Laser hair removal
4. Photo rejuvenation
5. Chemical Peel

Top countries for percentage of nonsurgical procedures:
1. United States (22%)
2. Brazil (9%)
3. South Korea (6%)
4. India (4%)
5. Mexico (4%)

Women accounted for 18 million of the 21 million cosmetic procedures worldwide. These were the preferred procedures among women:
1. Breast augmentation
2. Liposuction
3. Eyelid surgery
4. Abdominoplasty
5. Rhinoplasty

Men accounted for 3 million of the 21 million cosmetic procedures worldwide. These were their preferred procedures among men:
1. Eyelid surgery
2. Liposuction
3. Gynecomastia
4. Rhinoplasty
5. Hair Transplantation
6. Fat Grafting

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