As women age, their buttocks, like all other areas of the body, sag. Significant weight loss can accelerate the process. Because of this, the buttocks lose their shape and youthful appearance.

A buttock lift is the most reliable way of getting toned and youthful buttocks. The procedure involves making anbuttock lift incision on the upper half of the buttocks and then removing the excess skin that has been causing the buttocks to sag. The skin is then tightened to give the buttocks a well-contoured shape. It is often necessary to augment the flattened buttock using the patient’s own fat, harvested from another body area such as the belly, hips, inner thighs…

At Dr. Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery and Spa, the buttock lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure does not take much time and you will be allowed to go home on the same day of the surgery.

It will take about a month to recover from the surgery. You will be advised to stay home for about a week following the surgery after which you can resume your routine activities. However, you will be asked to refrain from doing any kind of strenuous activity for four to six weeks.

A sagging backside doesn’t have to be one of the conditions of aging. Call us to learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Judith Gurley.

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