6 Must Haves for Great Summer Skin

6 Must Haves for Great Summer Skin Don’t forget to change your skincare routine to match the summer heat. We recommend an oil penetrating cleanser that can be paired with an exfoliant, daily Vitamin C, soothing serum, SPF and replenishing mist.     Choose...

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Breast Asymmetry

Women think their breasts should be identical in size, shape, and position on the chest, but this is rare. Most women have at least some asymmetry between their breasts. It’s thought that over half of women have some degree of asymmetry. And, that estimate...

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Breast Augmentation Tops in 2015

Cosmetic surgery procedures are pretty ubiquitous nowadays. We’ve come a long way since the days when women were rumored to “have had a little something done,” but tried to hide the fact. Today, from cover stories in Time magazine to procedure demonstrations on local...

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