Many people wonder if plastic surgery can help them look and feel the way they imagine, but they aren’t sure how to take that first step. Calling a plastic surgeon’s office is not easy for some. At our practice, we offer online and email correspondence in addition to phone calls to answer any questions and help prospective patients get the information they are looking for prior to a consultation. This blog addresses the evolution of a patient as they progress through the phases of care, starting with a “thought or question about plastic surgery” which advances to a “phone call”, “consultation”, “surgery preparation” and finally “recovery”. We guide and help our patients every step of the way. 

The Phone Call 

Talking on the phone with prospective patients allows us to dig deeper into answering questions. It enables us to gather information, introduce our secure patient medical portal and discuss the next steps toward a consultation. We can also provide more in-depth answers to questions about certain procedures, cost, down-time and recovery.  

Consultation Process  

Once prospective patients have the information they are looking for, we schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Gurley. Meeting Dr. Gurley face-to-face is comforting and reassuring. She pulls all the information provided on the patient portal together with her physical findings. She then focuses her time and attention on understanding the specific concerns and goals of her patient so that she can explain all the options and alternatives available. She also helps patients understand their candidacy for surgery and what they can expect from surgery. Plenty of time is left for any questions. Before ending the consultation, patients are given a cost estimate for the surgery they are interested in and are invited to move forward with scheduling surgery. We offer a variety of surgery days, times and locations.  

This summarizes the consultation process: 

  • Health history is carefully reviewed as well as height, weight, BMI and photographs.  
  • Dr. Gurley performs a physical exam and assesses concerns and goals.  
  • Dr. Gurley lays out possible options and solutions.  
  • Dr. Gurley discusses what to expect from surgery, as well as the downtime, recovery, scars, risks and alternatives. 
  • All questions are answered by Dr. Gurley. 
  • A cost estimate for surgery is provided. We welcome financing through Care Credit
  • A surgery deposit is collected at the time of scheduling.  
  • Two weeks before surgery, patients are invited to come back into the office to finalize any details. The final surgery payment is collected at this time. 

Preparing for Surgery: 

A detailed “preparing for surgery” booklet is provided three weeks prior to surgery that thoroughly outlines every aspect of the surgery process. The booklet is also verbally discussed with patients two weeks before surgery to ensure all questions and concerns are properly addressed. 

Throughout the process patients are able to reference specific information like:  

  1. Procedure planned 
  2. Day and time of surgery 
  3. Surgery location 
  4. Instructions on when to stop eating/drinking the night before surgery  
  5. Any necessary testing needed 
  6. Consent forms reviewed 
  7. Questions invited 
  8. Seeing Dr. Gurley on the day of surgery 
  9. Dr. Gurley marks patients before surgery begins    

Recovering from surgery: 

Follow-up appointments begin the day after surgery which initiates the aftercare program. Our time and attention do not stop with the surgery. Post-operative care is integral to our recovery process. We see our patients regularly so that we can reassure, watch and advise. Since every patient is different, we offer individualized care and attention.  

We invite you to consult with us and begin your  journey to a more happy and confident you. 

No one will know… Everyone will notice.

Judy Gurley, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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