Exfoliation and Peach Fuzz Removal — DermaplaningWhile the skin is always shedding dead skin cells, it’s not always the most efficient process. The surface of your skin can be covered with lots of dead skin cells, clogged pores, and peach fuzz hair. Exfoliation is the way to get rid of this surface debris, and it is accomplished in a variety of ways, from facial scrubs with pumice to microdermabrasion to shaving. Yes, shaving is very efficient exfoliation, and that’s why women are sometimes jealous that men exfoliate their cheeks and chin every morning.

Dermaplaning is another exfoliation method, and Dr. Gurley offers it as part of her practice’s spa services. Dermaplaning is a combination of a manual exfoliation procedure coupled with a light chemical peel to energize your skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

While “dermaplaning” sounds like something being done in a furniture factory in High Point, North Carolina, it’s a great, simple skin treatment.

At our practice, dermaplaning is usually a two-step treatment. For the first step, Dr. Gurley’s esthetician takes a sterile surgical blade held at a 45% angle and gently passes it over the top layer of the skin. This removes the dead skin cells and the “peach fuzz” hair that bugs exactly 100% of women! After this, a light chemical peel is applied to the skin. This second step isn’t required, but Dr. Gurley believes that combining the two procedures allows deeper penetration that softens fine lines and uneven pigment, and encourages the body with the cell turnover that is key to younger-looking skin. The entire procedure takes only 45 minutes.

Pump up the pain?

When you describe dermaplaning some people cringe. It sounds somewhat barbaric. But it’s not at all painful. When you think about it, running a 10-guage blade lightly over the skin at a 45% angle is the same thing men do every day when they shave. All you’ll feel is a slight tingling.

Back to it

This is not an aggressive resurfacing, such as fractional or ablative resurfacing. After dermaplane treatment, your skin will likely have a pink appearance, but that passes within a few hours. There may be some light tightening and flaking of your skin, but that is gone within two days.

This is a great treatment to have once monthly, just to keep your skin radiant and to get rid of those dulling dead skin cells. It’s also a great way to have a radiant glow at a big event.

Want to energize your skin? Call Dr. Gurley’s medical spa at 636-812-4300 and let’s talk about dermaplaning.

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