Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Sleep

I assumed women understood the importance of a nighttime skin care regimen. I mean, everyone knows you brush your teeth before you go to bed so the logical next step would be to wash your face, right? Well, I was wrong. Just last week, a patient asked me “What’s the point? I’m exhausted and sometimes I just want to crawl into bed; I’m going to wash it in the morning anyway.” I have to admit I was shocked, but then I thought there are probably many others who feel the same way so I’ll tell you what I told her, “When you’re asleep, your face is going to work!”

Think of it this way; daytime is hard on our skin. We should start the day by putting barriers over it using products that protect us from the environment. They block contaminants, pollution and radiation. In order for skin to regenerate, it requires the right environment. We have to remove the daytime barrier along with the makeup that has now soaked into our pores and baked onto our skin. By washing your face, repairing daytime damage, and moisturizing with gentle activating ingredients, you are stimulating your skin, making it work for you.

We all want that fresh, dewy, hydrated glow but if we aren’t stimulating our skin at night, we are not going to see those types of results. Instead, our skin will appear dull and gray. I have made it very simple for even the most exhausted woman to properly care for her skin. I created the Gurley Glow skincare line after thousands of hours of clinical analysis and included ingredients that nurture your skin and deliver immediate and ongoing results.

Dr. Gurley’s Personal Skincare Routine

My current skincare routine consists of an active face wash both morning and especially at night (unless I’ve had a procedure done and in that case, I’d use our gentle daily wash, cleanse); followed by Vitamin C during the day (right now I’m in love with c crème; the scent is so fresh and it has the highest level of Vitamin C!!); and then moisturizer (right now I’m using skin enrich which is perfect for this time of year) followed by SPF with sheer titanium dioxide for a transparent light finish to my daytime routine (my secret is mattesheer or po sol).

At night after cleansing, I use active products. I alternate between glycolic and salicylic (tone pads) and retinol with or without TCA (either re Xr Omo Z or d · lay ). Every morning I feel like I just walked out of a day spa with my skin bright and clear and ready for the day!

You’ve worked hard all day! Tuck yourself in and let your face go to work for YOU! Healthy skin is beautiful skin. There’s nothing more beautiful than that!


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