arm lift st louisHave you decided that your days of going sleeveless are over forever? If you’ve given up waving or even lifting your arms, it might be time to find out about brachioplasty. Better known as an arm lift.

Brachioplasty is growing in popularity with patients at Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery, coming under the category of “body contouring.” This kind of procedure can be an ideal solution if:

  • You’ve tried to solve your arm “wing” problem with weight lifting and diet.
  • You’ve recently lost a great deal of weight.
  • Your skin under your arms has become saggy over time.
  • You’re not happy whenever you catch sight of you upper arms.
  • All four!

Our patients are no longer content to just hide their arms.  But unfortunately, even the most rigorous exercise schedule and the strictest diet might not eliminate the fatty tissue stored under the arms. And no amount of push-ups will get rid of the saggy skin.

We want to help you achieve your goal of shapely, tighter arms once and for all.  And as surgical techniques have continued to improve, so have results. Many of our patients say that the appearance of their newly contoured arms noticeably improves the look of their whole bodies.  

Most arm lift procedures take between one to two hours (for both arms), and within hours, you will be able to see a positive difference. In about two weeks, you should be back to your normal activity level. Plus you’ll be well on your way to having the balanced and well-proportioned arm contours you’ve been missing. In about a month and a half, you should be able to go back to rigorous exercise. And in three to six months, you should have a closet full of sleeveless clothing.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to get rid of your “wings,” Dr. Gurley is ready to help. Start by contacting us today for consultation appointment. (636) 812-4300.

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