Needle little Re-fresh…..have you tried Microneedling?

What is Microneedling? It sounds like stabbing your face with needles, right? Well, technically yes. And why is that good for you? The benefits of this treatment come from the healing ability of skin to improve its overall health and beauty. Microneedling offers more results than most “facials” and the results last 4-6 weeks longer than traditional facials.

So why would you do it? Patients who consider microneedling may want to reduce the appearance of scaring, pore size, wrinkles, fine lines, UV damage or rosacea.

How does it work? Microneedling creates micro punctures in your skin that feel like a light scratching similar to a microdermabrasion and most patients find the treatment extremely tolerable. When the skin works to repair the micro punctures, it produces collagen and elastin. By using the skin’s self-repairing process, the natural healing properties of the body are harnessed to improve skin tone and texture.

Recovery and Downtime? Microneedling is the perfect year-round skin treatment with essentially no downtime and no restrictions of being outside in the sun! As our skin “wakes up” from months of hibernation and wearing masks, Microneedling helps to brighten, lighten and refresh the visible surface layers of our skin. Microneedling has a short recovery time and most patients resume their normal skin care and beauty routine within 1 to 3 days after the treatment.

Where should you go for Microneedling? We highly recommend going to a plastic surgeon’s office/spa so you can be confident your treatment is performed with the highest attention to sterility, safety and precision. It’s no joke that rampant infections and diseases can spread when improper technique is used. In our practice the surgeon dictates the highest standard of care as she oversees all processes and procedures.

Who has a better understanding of sterile techniques than a surgeon?

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

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