Breast ReconstructionBreast augmentation procedures don’t always turn out as planned. Sometimes patients have issues with scar tissue. Sometimes they seek to change implant size, improve symmetry or improve the placement of the implant.  Other times the patient may want to change the breast over the implant, such as having a lift or improving the nipple or areola. There are even instances where the original augmentation didn’t turn out as the patient planned. Fortunately, breast implant revision surgery can correct the problems.

Dr. Gurley handles many revision procedures. She has the experience and the expertise to correct unsatisfactory outcomes, update the implants, or restore size and shape.  The end result is that patients have dramatic improvement in the way they feel about their implants.

Why do women opt for revision surgery?

There are six reasons women usually choose to have breast implant revision surgery.

  1. To change the implant size or type
  2. To relocate implants to a better position
  3. To replace a damaged or ruptured implant
  4. To deal with scar tissue tightening around the implant
  5. To correct or change the initial augmentation
  6. To adjust to changes in the tissues around the implant due to pregnancy or weight fluctuation and to get the breast and the implant to re-align

Today’s implants are more reliable than ever before. Plus, now that silicone implants have returned to the market, some women opt to replace their saline implants. Also, issues with natural aging can make the tissue around the implants change.

The procedure

Usually Dr. Gurley uses the original incisions. Generally, recovery from revision surgery is somewhat easier than initial augmentation recovery. Often, patients seek to relocate the implants to a more favorable position (closer together, higher, etc.).  Dr. Gurley’s extensive experience in breast reconstruction allows her to help you get your implants updated or relocated so that you can enjoy the results for years to come.


Revision surgery with Dr. Gurley can be very satisfying. The patient’s breasts can now occupy a better position, may feel more natural, and present an overall better outcome.

If you’re unhappy with your augmentation, call us at 636-812-4300 and let’s set up a consultation to address possible revision surgery.

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