St. Louis area residents can now attend the Plastic Surgery and Spa Centre for skin beauty treatments. Run by the highly experienced and loved Dr. Judith Gurley, our clinic provides lifts and surgeries that help you discover a new you.

Plastic SurgeryDr. Judith Gurley is a highly revered, board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing since 2001. She opened her own facility in Chesterfield on May 1, 2007 and since then has been helping patients feel comfortable in their own skin.

The services offered for plastic surgeries at our center include face, breast, and body procedures. We offer lifts, augmentation, and reduction services that enhance your look and help you look and feel like you’ve always wanted.

Surgical Procedures
We offer several several surgical procedures including

During an initial plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Gurley draws the patient to visually understand the patient’s goals and expectations. At this appointment, we also discuss the complete process so they can feel prepared. We do all she can to make a patient feel more comfortable in his or her body.

Spa Services
We strongly believe that taking care of the skin and body with medical spa procedures can be just as important and effective as plastic surgery. That is why we offer

Our medical spa is a soothing atmosphere where patients can come to relax. At the intersection of science and luxury, we make sure you feel comfortable while also treating your skin and body with the highest quality treatments. This process leaves your mind, body, and soul satisfied.

All our services are affordable and reasonable, while still providing quality. We believe in providing the maximum benefits at the best price. Our center is equipped with state of the art features and equipment that help and enhance the effectiveness of all our treatments.

If you are looking for plastic surgery or a medical spa in St. Louis, please give us a call! We are happy to set up your first appointment!

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