The eyes are particularly susceptible to showing signs of aging. The muscles weaken. Skin loses some of its former tautness. Genetics and lifestyle choices can make an impact, too. The result can be eyes that make you look perpetually tired. The eyelids can appear puffy, the surrounding skin wrinkled.


UPPER lid droop…

Upper Eyelid Lift in st. louis mo | Dr. Judith Gurley

Aged, droopy or tired looking eyes can be caused by excess skin or fat on the upper eyelid. Are your eyes the Upper Eyelid first thing that shows you are tired, had a long day, or are worn out? Do people ask you if you are tired even when you are actually well rested? Well then, upper eyelid surgery may be right for you. Surgically removing excess skin on the upper eyelid, and/or removing fat can single handedly rejuvenate the face like nothing else. Unfortunately, there is no other treatment that can remove or sufficiently tighten the upper eyelid skin. This is a powerful, natural way to take away the signs of aging. The procedure is painless and safe when performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in eyelid plastic surgery. Settle for nothing but the best when it comes to your eyes. Eye protection during surgery is paramount, recovery is 5-7 days, and results are seen immediately. See for yourself.

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LOWER Lid Bags…

Lower Eye Bag reduction in st. louis mo | Dr. Judith Gurley

Are your lower lids getting out of control? When it comes to the lower eyelids, the number one complaint is dark circles. This can be caused by bulging fat, not enough fat, or loss of integrity of the skin and muscles around the eye. Just as the cause of eyelid aging is varied, so too is the treatment.

Lower lid surgery (blepharoplasty) may involve reducing the puffiness by removing fat, filling the hollows by adding fat (fat grafting), or tightening the skin. Lower eyelid fat is removed from within the eye and therefore leaves no visible scar. Fat grafting involves removing fat from a different part of your body and re-inserting it in the hollow area under the eye with no scar. Eyelid skin tightening is performed using laser therapy however sometimes small incisions are necessary. Each of these techniques are often used together depending on your specific diagnosis.

It is important that a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performs the procedure in a facility that specializes in eyelid and facial plastic surgery to ensure safety and an easy recovery.  Within a week you are able to wear makeup and be out and about in public!

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If you’re tired of being asked if you’re tired, eyelid surgery with Dr. Gurley could be the answer. Give us a call, 636-812-4300, and let’s discuss your options.

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