Ever found yourself feeling like your top half is taking center stage, with breasts seemingly on a mission to spill out and create a side and back boob extravaganza?

The struggle is real, making simple tasks like dress shopping utterly exhausting. Female, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Judith Gurley provides a solution you didn’t even know was an option.

A Tailored Approach

Dr. Gurley understands that one size doesn’t fit all, particularly when addressing upper body concerns caused by excess skin and stubborn fat. An expert in body procedures, she tailors a unique plan for each individual, going beyond the conventional approach of just breast augmentation or reduction to help you achieve a beautifully contoured shape from every angle.

Beyond the Breast

In Dr. Gurley’s comprehensive approach, she considers the full spectrum of your upper body contours. This may involve additional procedures such as a breast lift, liposuction, or skin removal to achieve harmony and balance. The best part? Dr. Gurley’s surgical expertise enables her to perform these procedures in a single surgery, minimizing downtime and maximizing transformative results.

Dr. Gurley, The Artist

Known for her extreme attention to detail and artistic eye, Dr. Gurley sees each patient as a unique canvas. She recognizes that achieving a fully contoured upper body sometimes requires more than altering breast size alone. Dr. Gurley’s ability to curate personalized plans sets her apart, ensuring that each patient receives a solution aligned with their individual needs and aesthetic goals.


A Swift Recovery 

Worried about downtime? Dr. Gurley’s approach to upper body reduction ensures minimal disruption to your routine. While a couple of days of rest are recommended, most swelling subsides within six weeks, allowing you to resume normal activities. Planning for a special event? We recommend scheduling your procedure at least three months prior to ensure you radiate confidence on your big day.

The Gurley Difference

Bid farewell to feeling like a linebacker and welcome a more sculpted, confident version of yourself with Dr. Judith Gurley’s unique approach to upper body contouring. Whether eliminating excess breast, fat or skin, Dr. Gurley’s personalized surgical designs can address all your needs.

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to our office to schedule your in-person consultation.

No one will know… Everyone will notice.

Judy Gurley, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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