Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare Versus Mainstream Skincare

We all do it! We watch a video of a middle-aged woman on TikTok or Instagram; she gently massages a cream under her eyes and with a time lapse video, those wrinkles are erased, and the dark circles replaced with fresh bright skin! We can’t help ourselves – we click the button and thanks to our saved payment information, within 30 seconds, younger, healthier looking skin is only $34.99 and 5 to 7 business days away! Only it’s not. We use it for a week or even two. Nothing changes. We use the magnifying mirror on the brightest setting looking for the slightest little change. Nope. Nothing. So why is that?

There are two tiers of skincare. The priority of most mainstream skincare lines found online or in stores is to fuel consumer culture with empty promises to make you desire what’s trendy. However, most people don’t achieve the dramatic results promised by these mainstream skincare lines.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical-grade skincare has proven efficacy over the years. Recognized as a pharmaceutical-grade skincare line, Gurley Glow meets the highest level of effectiveness and premium quality a skincare line can offer, deeming it scientifically superior to the mainstream lines.

What is Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare?

Pharmaceutical-grade skincare is a term used to describe products backed by scientific research, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and only available to patients through medical professionals. Through controlled trials and studies, this tier of skincare has been proven effective in achieving desired and promised results. Due to FDA regulations, pharmaceutical-grade lines are subject to stricter standards than their mainstream alternatives securing safety and effectiveness. Because they use high-quality ingredients with stronger concentrations of active components, pharmaceutical-grade skincare is more successful at treating skin conditions like wrinkles, acne, and sun damage.

What is Mainstream Skincare?

Mainstream skincare lines are not held to high, rigid standards like pharmaceutical-grade products. They are not subject to FDA regulations and inspections, resulting in a lack of purity, accuracy, and empty promises for their consumers. They do not have to prove what they claim. Because of the countless mainstream options offered, and the myriad ways of constantly marketing to us, consumers are left with a drawer full of skincare products that have failed to provide the desired results. This trial-and-error process is frustrating, expensive, and ultimately delays desired results.

Mainstream Skincare: Facade Vs. Reality

If mainstream skincare is not supported by scientific research and not regulated by the FDA, why do we continue to put these products on our faces?

Mainstream skincare lines prioritize the consumption of their products over the beautiful outcomes they promise. Because of their appealing marketing strategies, people continue to buy skincare products that lack scientific research and regulations hoping to find treatment right for them. Finding an unregulated and generalized product that works specifically for you takes much experimentation, time, and money.

The reality of mainstream skincare is that it is not subject to safety testing and may be made with impurities and inferior ingredients with added “fillers.” Without scientific research and testing, mainstream skincare can’t prove what it claims.

Dr. Gurley has tested each product and analyzed each ingredient of Gurley Glow. She wants to ensure the line is practical, cost effective and results driven. Using the products herself, she can better understand the power and character of each formula. Dr. Gurley embraces feedback and supports her staff with the knowledge and the details about the line.

Why Choose Gurley Glow?

If you want to trust the quality and integrity of what you put on your skin every morning and every night, trust Gurley Glow pharmaceutical-grade skincare line!

Every Gurley Glow product is regulated by the FDA, demonstrates ingredient accuracy and efficacy, and is supported by scientific research. Because it is pharmaceutical-grade, Gurley Glow has undergone the highest level of inspection, allowing YOU to trust the ingredients and its beautiful “promise.”

No one will know… Everyone will notice.

Judy Gurley, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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