Revision implant surgery is completely different from an initial implant placement surgery. Many surgeons are not comfortable revising breasts implants even if they are very comfortable putting them in initially.

So why is breast implant revision surgery so unique and highly specialized? Largely, because the tissues have undergone permanent changes and in order to change the way things look or feel, a more reconstructive approach may be necessary.

Consult with a surgeon who has a lot of experience in revision breast surgery or reconstruction. Make certain you see their work and like their results. It’s important to choose a surgeon who understands the muscles impacted by the first set of implants and assess whether or not muscle work is necessary. It’s also important to assess the actual size and position of the implant pocket. And lastly, it is crucial for the surgeon to give you an idea of what will happen to the actual breast, and nipple tissue when the implant is removed and/or replaced and how scar tissue may be involved in the appearance.

Many of these things can be assessed before surgery by an experienced plastic surgeon, but it may be necessary to improvise once surgery is underway in the case of unexpected findings. Here again is where an experienced surgeon will be capable to improvise and provide you with optimal care and outcomes.

Of course, this kind of procedure offers a great opportunity to change the size of your implants or to add a “lift” to the surgery, which is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the breasts. A beautiful lift is like wearing an invisible bra!

I feel I use most of my creativity and thought when it comes to implant revision surgery. I believe the overall trend currently is smaller implants to create tighter, perkier breasts, more like what you would see with athletes and models.

To learn more about your options with correcting or removing breast implants read the article What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Breast Implants from NewBeauty®.

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