Most women want their mons pubis, which is the area just above their labia on the pubic bone to be slim and unnoticeable. When this area enlarges, it is referred to as FUPA, fatty upper pubic area, which may be difficult to conceal. For many this condition goes hand in hand with labia enlargement, but not always; you can have one without the other. We want patients to know they don’t have to live with this condition, we can correct FUPA with a procedure called Monsplasty. Today we will explain the causes of this abnormality, who is the perfect candidate for Monsplasty, details about the procedure, as well as expectations during recovery.


What causes FUPA?

A small flat mons pubis is a sign of health and youth. Just as our breasts expand, shrink, sag, and change over the years, so too does our mons pubis. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and genetics can cause a FUPA to form. Stubborn fat, stretch marks and c-section scars also contribute to the formation of a fatty upper pubis.


Who is the perfect candidate for Monsplasty?

The perfect candidate for surgically reducing the mons pubis, is someone with fat accumulation on the pubic bone or excess skin causing the mons to droop or protrude. Monsplasty restores the normal female anatomy and alleviates concerns of the visual appearance or physical discomfort. If you find the mons area unappealing, are tired of hiding behind compression garments, or avoid tight fitted clothing, then surgical correction may be a good option for you.


How is Monsplasty performed?

Monsplasty permanently reduces the size and noticeability of this private area by removing fat and/or skin. Liposuction utilizing tiny hidden openings may be sufficient to remove fullness if there is minimal skin laxity. Skin removal with a small horizontal incision in the bikini area lifts the sagging mons pubis. Combining liposuction and skin tightening corrects a deformity involving both fat and skin.

Monsplasty Diagram

Click here to see Dr. Gurley’s before and after results


What is the recovery process for Monsplasty?

Patients can drive, work, and walk as much as they want the next day but should refrain from exercise or athletic activities for several weeks until the healing process is further along. We recommend using compression garments to help control the swelling, which typically resolves within a few weeks.


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