Dr. Judith Gurley brings surgical precision, artistic vision, and unparalleled compassion to her work as a board certified plastic surgeon.

After attending medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Gurley completed her general and plastic surgery residency at the University of Chicago. During her fellowship at Washington University St. Louis, she focused intensely on procedures involving the face, cleft lip and palate surgery, and surgeries of the jaw, orbit, and skull. Her experience with the most delicate patients influences the approach she takes to the adults and adolescents she now sees in her private practice.

While practicing as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Washington University, she began working in the field of adolescent plastic surgery and advocated for surgical procedures for teenagers. There she saw firsthand the huge psychological impact plastic surgery can have on a patient’s well-being and sense of self. The joy, renewal, and hope she witnessed in her adolescent patients motivated her continued advancement in the field.

After years of service as the director of Plastic Surgery at Shriners Hospital and Adolescence Breast Program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Dr. Gurley decided to enter private practice in 2003. Her deep knowledge of craniofacial structures and reconstructive surgery of the breasts and body affords her the ability to aesthetically shape her patients. She sees elective cosmetic surgery as a collaboration between the surgeon and her patient.

Together, patient and doctor envision and execute a new reality that can lead to greater self-confidence, happiness, and peace.



It All Starts with a

Our process starts with a conversation. During your consultation, Dr. Gurley will listen to you intently. It is important to her that she understands you. Next, you see first-hand her artistic mind at work as she thoughtfully walks you through the creative possibilities of visual change. Ultimately you will know that Dr. Gurley's well-earned reputation is based on her demonstrable experience and her inherent eye for beauty.

Precise Surgical Technique.

During the procedure, we ensure your safety and comfort. Dr. Gurley's board certification means that her work has been analyzed and commended by her peers in the medical community. Her years of experience mean you can rest assured that Dr. Gurley's precise surgical technique and years of experience will leave you content with your results and the process.

Attentive After-Care.

Dr. Gurley's care doesn't stop after the procedure is done. First, we'll give you personalized after-care recommendations to ensure you heal quickly. We'll also set up an appointment schedule to check your progress to make sure you are healing well and fully happy with your results.

American Board of Plastic Surgery
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
American Medical Association
American College of Surgeons Professional Association
Missouri State Medical Association
Association of Women Surgeons
St. Louis Area Plastic Surgeons
Faculty of American College of Surgeons
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
St. Louis Surgical Center
St. Louis Spine & Orthopedic Surgery Center
St. Louis Multispecialty Surgery Center
Published Works

Dr. Gurley is well-published in peer-reviewed journals and stays on the leading edge of plastic surgery techniques. She was a core contributor to an award-winning book titled, Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer.

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