Dr. Gurley Answers the Five Most Commonly Asked Questions about Liposuction

 #1. Will there be saggy skin after liposuction?

The ideal skin in an area of liposuction has no stretch marks and is not folded over or hanging. Skin with elasticity will rebound after fat removal and go back into place. Although the skin won’t be tighter, and it may be a little looser, it should not hang. Plastic surgeons are knowledgeable in the details of skin biology and are trained to predict the skin’s integrity.


#2. Will the fat come back after liposuction?

Liposuction safely, efficiently and predictably removes living fat cells from the body. And those fat cells do not come back. They are gone forever.

A Board Certified plastic surgeon can shape, smooth, taper and thoughtfully decide exactly how much fat to remove from exactly where on the body. Patients who have tried other fat removal techniques are especially impressed by the power of liposuction.

Recent alternatives to liposuction claim to “kill” cells with chemicals or cold temperatures but they do not remove the fat cells instantly from the body. Rather, the injured fat cell stays inside the body until it can be processed. This may happen, but it may not. What is the result if it does not go as planned? Minimal, if any, improvement is seen and (in worse case scenarios) hard masses and enlargement of treated areas are possible.


#3. What if there is weight gain after liposuction?

Most often there is slight weight loss after liposuction. However, if there is weight gain after liposuction, the “problem area” will not return as it was before. The figure is forever changed! Liposuction will help keep the new proportions. In other words, the whole body may fluctuate with weight gain or loss, but the treated area will be proportionately smaller permanently.


#4. How much downtime will there be after liposuction?

Some patients think that any procedure that can be performed without anesthesia is safer, less invasive, and has shorter downtime. Actually, this is not always the case.

Why spend so much time, so much money and so many repeated visits to just slowly nibble away at fat using methods other than liposuction? Those other techniques are ineffective, unreliable and expensive and many of them have minimal (if any) results. And they may have rebound fat increase!

The downtime after liposuction is less than most alternative treatments. And remember… it’s a one-time treatment! As soon as surgery is complete, the inches are already gone. A slimmer figure is realized instantly!

The downtime, if there is any, is due to some mild swelling and healing issues that may necessitate a day or two off work. Exercise can be resumed as soon as it feels comfortable.

The surgeon can remove inches in the waist or hips or back or thighs with just one procedure. There is no other technique that can remove this kind of fat in a single setting. Liposuction is “one and done.”


#5. Where are the scars after liposuction?

Try to imagine a tiny, narrow straw or paintbrush going through the skin and into the fat. Small incisions, or poke holes, are needed to touch and then remove the fat. It’s important to respect natural curves and to create smooth contours.

These little entry incisions are a few millimeters long and they often heal like a small chicken pox scar. Most will virtually disappear over time.


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