Zapping Age Spots

If you’ve spent any time out in the sun, you probably have a few age spots. They’ve little to do with age unless you want to consider hours spent in the sun. Superficial age spots can be addressed with certain exfoliating creams or bleaching...

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Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing At Dr. Gurley’s practice, we put modern lasers to use rejuvenating your face while improving skin health. From sun and age spots to texture issues, from fine lines to pore size, we address all of these issues with lasers. Generally, you can...

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Tired of droopy or baggy eyes?

The eyes are particularly susceptible to showing signs of aging. The muscles weaken. Skin loses some of its former tautness. Genetics and lifestyle choices can make an impact, too. The result can be eyes that make you look perpetually tired. The eyelids can appear...

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