Judith Gurley, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is proud to debut the Gurley Glow®™ Skincare Collection developed for all skin types. Whether your skin has excess oil, is overly dry, or is starting to show fine lines, you need a suite of products to support your skin’s natural glow. Dr. Gurley’s Skincare Collection provides the foundation for healthy skin. One simple routine in the morning and one in the evening will help keep your skin supple, refreshed and nourished.

“Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and it is your best accessory. When skin is healthy, you don’t need to hide it with foundation and concealer. Our skincare protects and heals so you don’t have to mask your natural beauty.” – Dr. Gurley

Safe For Post-Procedure Use

Dr. Gurley has designed each product to contain the nutrients and vitamins that skin needs to look its best. These products work best when used daily, and they are also safe for post-procedure use. Gurley Glow® is created with a surgeon’s expertise and supported by extensive hours of clinical analysis by Dr. Gurley and her team. She’s deeply aware of the skincare needs of her patients, and wants to provide them with innovative formulas backed by science that deliver immediate and ongoing results. The Gurley Glow® skincare line helps skin heal itself after procedures such as injections, chemical peels, lasers and more. 

“I approach skincare from the inside out. At our Medical Spa we combine aesthetic re-contouring with topical treatments to give our patients results they didn’t know were possible. I’m constantly analyzing the underlying bone structure. Then, I visualize an ideal facial framework to enhance the integrity of the overlying skin. Beauty is heightened when both facial contouring and healthy skin coincide. My skincare line is a way for me to care for patients before and after facial procedures. Skincare is the most powerful thing we can do for our skin, because it’s done twice a day, 365 days of the year. That’s powerful!” – Dr. Gurley

Simple Daily Care. Long-term Results.

Many people set aside time to exercise or plan healthy meals, but taking care of their skin can be an afterthought. The Gurley Glow® line provides easy, intuitive skincare that can be integrated into a busy routine. Just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening can prevent or delay the need for more invasive corrective procedures.

“We see our patients once a month for skin treatments, but the skincare they do on a daily basis at home can help preserve the results they see in our spa. It can also help take their skin to next-level health and youth. Gurley Glow® products are fortified with vitamins and antioxidants that feed and protect your skin. All you have to do is apply it to your skin, and the products will do the rest.” – Dr. Gurley

Gurley Glow® Daytime Collection Cleanses, Moisturizes and Protects All Skin Types

Daytime Collection Packaging.

Don’t underestimate what you can do for your skin while you’re making your morning coffee. Even 2 minutes of treatment with the right products can improve elasticity, brighten dull skin, and oxygenate the top layer of the epidermis. For an easy way to begin treating your skin better, we suggest starting with our Daytime Collection.

Cleanse + Prep Basics

The foundation of healthy skin starts with a gentle yet thorough cleansing. The right cleanser will wash away oil and environmental pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural lubricants. It’s important to keep skin ph-balanced. Formulations that are too acidic or too basic won’t allow the skin to heal itself.  

Gurley Glow® Cleanse Gentle Daily Wash is carefully formulated to remove unwanted impurities and give you a clean slate to apply protective, moisturizing products to begin your day.  

Cleansing the skin feels like an intuitive act, but many daily routines are too harsh on skin. Unfortunately, harsh products and soaps have skewed our idea of what “clean” feels like. Skin that feels tight after cleansing may have been exposed to unhealthy detergents and surfactants. Properly cleansed skin will feel soft and supple. Pores will look clear, and skin won’t appear irritated and red. 

mo C Nutrient Serum Nourishes and Repairs

After cleansing, the skin is ready for an infusion of nutrients that will protect it and provide a nourishing barrier between the skin and the elements. Gurley Glow® mo C uses vitamin C as the active ingredient for revitalization as soon as you wake up. Vitamin C is primarily known for its protective benefits against viruses, and many people take it orally to ward off a cold or the flu. But this potent antioxidant is equally beneficial when it’s applied topically. As your skin ages, free radicals form and disrupt cell integrity. Powerful Gurley Glow® mo C arms you with a strong defense against this process, creating an antioxidant barrier that prevents the early signs of facial aging. An added benefit of vitamin C is its ability to naturally lighten and brighten your skin. This gives you an enhanced skin tone just by applying the product once daily. 

Sheer Cream for Safe, Powerful Skin Protection

After nourishing your skin with antioxidants, it’s important to use a protective layer that will keep out harmful UV rays, which can be very damaging to your skin. UV rays accelerate facial aging and put skin at risk for melanomas and basal cell carcinomas. Gurley Glow® Sheer Cream uses transparent zinc oxide as the active ingredient. Zinc forms a physical barrier against UV rays, unlike chemical sunscreens such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. These two chemicals cause coral reef bleaching and die-off. They’re also endocrine disruptors that penetrate the skin and are present in the bloodstream.

Dr. Gurley created a zinc oxide formulation that goes on invisibly so that it can be applied under makeup. Zinc oxide has very few side effects and does not enter the bloodstream after application. This makes it a safe formulation that provides powerful protection against the sun’s rays. Since Sheer Cream is a physical sunscreen, rather than a chemical sunscreen, it’s safe to use on post-procedure skin to protect skin from UV rays as it is healing.

Gurley Glow® Nighttime Collection Cleanses, Repairs and Reconstitutes All Skin Types

Nighttime Collection Packaging.

Fresh – Nighttime Cleanser

Your nightly routine starts with cleansing the impurities from the day with our Gurley Glow® FRESH Skin Cleanser. This cleanser is designed to penetrate the skin to remove makeup, sunscreen, congestion, and environmental pollutants that build up on skin throughout the day. FRESH uses salicylic acid as the active ingredient, a component that clears out pores by dissolving bacteria and keratin plugs. Once pores are open, they’re ready to absorb the nutrients from the rest of your Gurley Glow® Nighttime products. 

Mo Z  – Nighttime Moisturizer With Three Powerful Ingredients

It’s important not to end your nightly routine with simple cleansing. Follow FRESH skin cleanser with mo Z, a nighttime moisturizer packed with antioxidants, anti-pollutants and powerful anti-aging cell renewal ingredients. Nighttime products are the most important products to apply, because of the cell turnover and repair that happens while you sleep. Any products you apply will slowly sink into your skin overnight and aid in the body’s natural healing process. In the evening, the body begins to produce melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone). While HGH increases cell turnover, melatonin repairs UV damage to skin. In order to boost the body’s natural repair process, mo Z is a nighttime moisturizer that includes retinoid, lipochroman, and CoQ10. Powerful retinoid is stronger than retinol to reduce wrinkles and tone the skin as it accelerates nightly cell turnover. Lipochroman and CoQ10 offer a double boost of antioxidants to fight free radicals and nourish, enhancing overnight repair. Each of these powerful ingredients will promote skin renewal for dramatically improved skin health, tone, and elasticity. Mo z will reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven pigmentation for skin that looks fresh and firm.

HA – Hyaluronic Acid Blend Preserves Skin’s Moisture Content

The final step in the Gurley Glow® Nighttime Collection routine is to apply HA, a potent proprietary hyaluronic acid blend that will lock moisture into the skin. Prevent transepidermal water loss by using HA after mo Z. This last step is an essential part of your nightly routine — don’t skip it! As it transforms the skin, retinoid can be drying, and HA can help minimize moisture loss. It has the capacity to bind 1,000 times its weight in water, so even a few drops of this serum will protect skin all night long.   

How to Apply: A Gentle Massage Stimulates Collagen + Elastin Production

In childhood, many of us were trained to rub our faces and bodies with a rough washcloth or use astringent products that irritate skin. Now, we know much more about how to protect our skin, especially sensitive facial skin. When applying cleanser and products, use gentle upward strokes. Giving yourself a mini-massage when applying your products serves two purposes. First, it ensures that the product deeply penetrates the skin, bringing antioxidants and active ingredients to layers of the skin where they can do the most work. The act of facial massage also stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the skin’s surface. This brings brightness to skin and helps promote a healthy glow. And let’s not ignore that these few minutes allow you time to pause and check-in with yourself. This loving attention to your skin will help you bring your best face forward to meet the world.

“I challenge my patients to integrate a morning and evening skincare routine into their daily life. Our skin does so much for us, and it’s important to treat it well. In the morning, using the Gurley Glow® Daytime Collection prepares you and your skin for the day ahead. I designed it with a bright citrus scent to awaken your senses as you begin your day. At night, the Nighttime Collection will repair and protect your skin while you sleep. I designed the collection with nourishing ingredients, powerful antioxidants, and ingredients that help skin repair itself. Calming aromas at night will provide a relaxing close to your day. Using both collections together provides you with two simple daily rituals that will truly transform your skin’s health and appearance.” – Dr. Gurley

To learn more about the Gurley Glow® skin care line go to gurleyglow.com.

Dr. Gurley is a board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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