If you’ve spent any time out in the sun, you probably have a few age spots.

Superficial age spots can be addressed with certain exfoliating creams or bleaching agents. But deeper age spots require a deeper treatment. I address age spots with laser energy.

How does laser age spot removal work?

Age spots are darker than your normal skin tone because they are spots where melanin in the skin has darkened the area as a defense mechanism in response to sun damage. This makes them perfect candidates for targeting with lasers. I set the laser wavelength to target the darker color in the age spot. The laser light energy then hits the skin, but is only absorbed by the darker pigment of the age spot. The age spot absorbs the laser energy, damaging the cells, making them die off. Some of the cells will peel and flake off, while others are simply removed by the body. The spot will turn darker after the treatment, this indicates that the cells have absorbed the energy and is on its way out.

What spots can be treated with lasers and where?

This kind of non-ablative laser spot removal can be used on age spots, liver spots, and different signs of sun damage. I effectively remove spots on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, and the feet.

Is laser treatment painful?

Most patients equate the feeling of the laser energy hitting the skin as being akin to a light snap of a rubber band on the skin, or as a light pinch. That is only felt for the split seconds of laser energy are emitted. Otherwise, the procedure is not painful.

Will I need more than one treatment?

This can vary by the individual. Some spots tend to be more stubborn, requiring more treatments. Many spots will clear up with a single treatment, but patients typically can expect to receive one to four treatments to get the results they want.

How long is the recovery?

Most patients go right back to work or their typical activities after their treatment session.

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