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A body lift extends the concept of a tummy tuck around to the sides of the hip to include removal of more tissue. Muscles can be tightened in the midline if needed and liposuction can be added for detailed smoothing.

Liposuction will decrease bulk, but Dr. Gurley will help you decide if additional skin removal or muscle tightening is needed for your body.

The recovery process is 1-3 weeks depending on the extent of the procedure. However, vigorous activities and exercise are not recommended for 6 weeks. We provide a compression garment to wear for 4-6 weeks after surgery to assist with the healing process.

You may consider a body lift procedure if:

You have a large amount of loose tissue in one or multiple body areas.

Your body has undergone major changes due to weight loss or childbirth.

For excess skin on the upper body, ask Dr. Gurley about an upper body lift.

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Dr. Gurley will customize your body lift procedure to meet your individual needs. It is a surgery that can provide drastic results due to the ability to personalize the operation for each specific patient. Weight fluctuations affect every body differently. Dr. Gurley recognizes those differences and designs a treatment plan perfect for you. A body lift can help you attain not only a firmer and more sculpted body contour but also a body that is physically and emotionally in keeping with who you are and how you feel. Our gallery showcases Dr. Gurley’s patients who have seen radical, impressive results.

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Our Before and After galleries feature real patients of Dr. Gurley. See how she tailors each surgery to each individual patient. Before choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important that you spend time analyzing their work.

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