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What can I expect?


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Platelet-rich plasma injections first require the patient to undergo a simple blood draw. After that, Dr. Gurley and her staff separate and purify the platelets and growth factors. Finally, the PRP is either injected into your skin or applied to your skin and problem areas. PRP will give you a glow that you will notice and enjoy.

Initially, the injected area may be red in color. You may possibly have some swelling and bruising that could last up to 3 days. Most patients return to work and normal activities the next day. Ideal results are seen with additional treatments.

You may be a candidate for this procedure if:
You're interested in using your body's own natural factors to help repair and restore tissue.

Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Dr. Gurley uses PRP injections to enhance the skin's natural appearance. Because the procedure uses your body's own resources, the chances of allergic reaction or infection are very low. Since the platelets encourage collagen growth, patients notice a refreshed appearance within a few days of the procedure and continue to see results for months afterward. It is a more natural alternative to synthetic fillers and is a less-invasive alternative to face lifts or other more complex surgical procedures. Dr. Gurley uses PRP both in and out of the operating room.

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